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Agrovest Investment

  • September 9, 2021 1:46 pm
  • Alimosho, Lagos


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*Investment manual* 1.what is ment
the action or process of investing money for profit.-
“a debate over private investment in road-building” oxford investment every investment aim at getting good return . *Typs of investment in Oxford 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 1,Agro vest ,2, build vest, 3, mortgage vest,4, oil vest 🌿 *Agro vest* 👉 this is agricultural investment where customer invest their money in Oxford farm project for a period of time .in pepper ginger 🌿🍂🌶️ and tumeric.which is the most selling in the market with high return . 🏘️ *Build vest* 👉 this is the type of investment where our customers invest in our real estate, the funds are use to buy more estate for land appreciate within 6 months after documentations with over *300* marketing executive that makes our estate faster with high return. 🏨Mortgage vest 👉 this funds are use for development of our existing estates eg perimeter fencing, estates gate, roads, others which also increase the price of estates. It also opportunity to earn a massive income and this will enable you to come a shaholder in our mortgage bank It is also a life time investment to earn stream of income ⛽ *Oil vest* 👉 Oilvest is another product of Oxford investment platform that is specifically for exiting clients on our AGROVEST, BUILDVEST & MORTGAGEVEST, it affords them to turnover their returns on investment and earn extra income of 70% in 24 months *duration,12 ,14,18,24, month 💶 Rate* . ROI 👉 ★Buildvest for 12 months, 32%

★Mortgagevest for 16months, 45% (upfront) 48% (no upfront)

★Agrovest for 12 months, 32% (upfront) 35% (no upfront) while Agrovest for 14 months, 38%

*📄Documentation👉 Deed of agreement duly signed by our legal department and also with an NBA seal.

👮‍♀️💯Security’s. 👉 Post dated cheque with an accumulated sum of both the capital and the interest is given to investors.

🚆Insurance 👉 Our crops are insured with Lead Way Assurance and Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC) . The risk is well managed.

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