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Et Echo Tech Fueless Generator

  • November 3, 2021 11:02 am
  • Sokoto
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* 7.5kva is #100,000


* 10kva is #150,000


* 16kva is #200,000


* 20kva is #240,000


* 25kva is #280,000


* 30kva is #300,000


* 35kva is #340,000


* 40kva is #380,000


* 45kva is #400,000


* 50kva is #440,000 Etc.


*How It Work : – This fuelless generator is a new technology that is completely safe and reliable ,this generator is a new source of a powerful product which does not make use of fuel nor diesel nor any solar panel but it only powers with 1000amps of battery along with a dc motor to recharges the battery while rotating and the more the dc motor rotate the more it recharges the battery and together with the alternator are to supply current to your home appliances its operation is completely different from the normal generator which uses fuel and makes noise ,this generator is noiseless because it doesn’t have an engine, instead it has a motor that is powered by a battery which recharges while it’s working.


Built with these : – Performance module technology / Boost & Stable AVR / Wide in-voltage & frequency range / Surge protection / Short circuit protection / Overload protection / Thunder Arrestor protection etc.


Features : – It recharges while Operating / It can charge Solar / It can power all type of Appliances / You can add external battery / It can charge your vehicle battery / No Smoke / No Noise / No Fuel / No Diesel / No Vibration / No Cost on Power / No Electricity Shoke /Key Starter & Button Starter


Battery Charging : – The Generator has been built with fast charging system & regulator to be charging the battery whenever the battery is low or while working,meanwhile the battery indicator has been built to show the voltage and the level of the battery.


How long does it last : – The Generator has durable Battery and life span that can serve you up to 48hours depending on the load…. And it can last up to 10years of usage , You can even enjoy it more than 48hours if load are minimal, and it may be lesser if load are much on it, before it will require another working Hours, and It will charge back within an hour or 2 hours, while you continue enjoying LIGHT when there’s no Electricity”


Warranty : – 4 years / Guaranty : – 10Years+


“Terms & Conditions applies For Delivery / Delivery Nation Wide ,To Cart Yours Kindly Call us on +2348145412734 / You can also visit @No21 Main gate shaggari market , Danje Shuni LG, Sokoto State Nigeria.

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